Weaving together radiant colors and light, the unique stained-glass power pieces of Maasaisis will delight your spirit!


Originally handcrafted, my work is inspired by worldly travels and experiences. This form of creative expression began at the age of 16 when my mother passed on her tools to me, supporting my desire to explore the art form. I was instantly entranced by the transformation as glass came to life before me. This attraction to the relationship between glass and light drew me in as I would sit and gaze at the subtle and drastic changes naturally taking place throughout the day as the many “faces” and “personalities” of my images unfolded. There was always that excitement of finishing a piece and putting it in a window. I absolutely love the surprise it gives me every time! The marriage of color and light is never set in one way. It’s always changing and working together in union to create beauty, an intrinsic metaphor for life as I see it.

The process of my creations begins with the manifestation of symbolic images from spirit to paper. After carefully drawing it in a way that is possible to cut glass, specific colors are selected to compliment the personality of the image. These choices are made within the moment as no two pieces are identical be it in color, shape or purpose. Caressed by the light of day my work comes to life, as this has become my truest form of personal and spiritual gratification...

  • Please contact me directly via e-mail for pricing or to place an order.

  • You can choose specific colours or symbols if you wish.
  • I am open to creative commissions.
  • Time span will vary accordingly.
  • Worldwide shipping and costs will be calculated for each individual piece.
  • Each piece is packaged professionally, however, glass cannot be insured by most couriers.
  • After we have finalized your order and shipping preferences, I will send you an email with payment options which include international money order or convenient online payment through PayPal.

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