I have been blessed with a potent life of adventure and an unforgettable journey.

My parents are the catalysts for this unpredictable and often erratic nature, and to them I owe many thanks. Having played the role of muse since my youth forward, they inspire and support the creative endeavors of Maasaisis openheartedly.

My mother is an artistic, Japanese, powerhouse mama, and by her side is my galactic, passionate, one-of -a-kind, Scottish Da. Through them I was granted the gift of open-mindedness needed to live a creative life inspired by multicultural/multidimensional experiences. My parents also introduced me to my "other family" the same year I started working with glass, as I had my first encounter with the dolphins of the Bahamas.

The first time I came eye to eye with a dolphin my very soul exploded in bliss. Feeling as though I had found my soul mate at last, I was utterly in love with their presence and knew that they would always be a part of me. We had a precious connection right from the start as I was eager to spend more time with my new friends.

Since that day, I have spent many years in search of cetaceans around the globe. Encounters in the Bahamas, Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica, and even in the Ghangi River of India have assisted in preserving this union with cetaceans through my paintings. I have found it surprisingly easy to adapt to foreign cultures, almost as if I find a piece of home wherever I go.

The themes in my paintings, albeit thematically diverse, share an undeniable lineage and continuity with each other—being the eternal growth of my spirit through powerful life experiences.

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