photo by Erin da Roza

Maasaisis is the creative source from which flows music and art. Together they bring light to the individual and find their ultimate inspiration in the themes of Isis- great Egyptian Goddess of Light, Love and Healing. Isis is the mother of all Goddesses. Embodying the power of the feminine, she became the archetype for creation. My connection with Isis came by way of a waking dream in the Peruvian Amazon in 1996. It was an incredibly profound experience that left me feeling much more aware of my own existence. In the dream a Goddess appeared in a radiant light, unfolding her golden wings around me. Having never before known of the great Goddess, I was instantly overwhelmed by an unquestionable sense of familiarity... I knew she was Isis, the great mother who had come to share with me her personal mystery intertwined with mine. The mystery being who she truly is and what role she would play in my days and years to come. I felt compelled to clarify some of my own questions that had gone unanswered for some time including the most profound query of them all… Who am I? I began singing in an unknown language that was unlike anything I have ever heard before. I allowed myself to completely unravel with the mysterious sounds spilling out of my mouth. I felt the millions of life creating music in the jungle merging with me and the sound I was creating. With that came the awakening moment of realizing that I was a part of absolutely everything! I could feel the pulse of the universe pumping my heart and a feeling of utter peace spread throughout my entirety. I was both experiencing and observing this happening simultaneously. Knowing without a doubt that this was the truth of MY mystery. I was discovering the light by embracing all things as they are. The parts of me that felt insignificant and overwhelmed and disconnected were all part of the package of everything! Isis came to me as an entity but in reality, She is a state of consciousness. I was embracing myself with my own wings all along! It was like coming home from a long, long journey. Within this awakening, Maasaisis was born. Since that day forth, with that profound experience close at heart my intention is to spread light through my creativity.

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